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Client Information

What to Expect

Upon scheduling your massage, you will receive an email with the following notifications from Full Slate, our online scheduling system:

  • Appointment Confirmation
  • 24-hour Appointment Reminder

If this is your first appointment with us, please download and print our Confidential Intake Form(s), and bring the completed form(s) with you to your first session. You may choose to complete intake forms at our office, but it may delay the start time of your massage. You may access and download the intake form(s) from our website.

Arriving for your Massage
There is free parking at the lot to the east and south of our building. Our building is secure, and requires you to intercom us to allow you access to the building.
Please see our Arrival Guide for our contact information, map, and easy intercom instructions.

Your Massage Session
Your therapist will greet you in our suite and will begin the intake portion of your session.

  • If this is your first session with us, we will want to understand your health and medical history, what your treatment goals are, other therapies or medical treatments you are receiving, and other pieces of information that help us to provide an effective and comfortable session. This is also a great time to ask questions of us as well!
  • If you have visited us before, we will inquire about your goals for that day's session, your treatment progress and any new or changing symptoms that you would like us to address. You and your therapist will agree on the general treatment plan for the session.

After your intake, your therapist will step out to allow you privacy while you get settled onto the table, under the linens. It is customary to fully undress for your session, as you will be fully covered and draped except for the area that the therapist is currently working. This allows the therapist to easily access the deeper soft tissues during your session. However, we also want you to be comfortable and you should undress to your level of comfort - we will work around or through any clothing you choose to leave on.

We allow you to choose the level of conversation during your session. Our therapists are happy to chat with you or to allow you some quiet time. Along the way, we will need to inquire about pressure and sensitivity, guide your breathing, and move your head, arms or legs for positioning or range of motion work.

Feel free to ask questions about the therapy and its effects - we love to share information about our work! Clinical massage is not a mystery. It is a team effort and we believe that the more you understand the terminologies, purpose and expected effects of the treatment, the more likely you will be to tune in to your body and recognize the connections between your symptoms and the causes of those symptoms.

When your session is complete, your therapist will allow you some time to slowly get up, dress, and gather your belongings.

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After Your Massage

Massage affects everyone in different ways.

  • You may feel light-headed immediately following your massage. This is normal and usually very temporary; please make yourself comfortable in our office and have some water and allow your head to clear for a few minutes before you return to your vehicle. Let us know if you feel dizzy or nauseated.
  • Later in the day, you may feel as if you are "coming down with something", especially if this is your first massage. This is common, temporary, and is due to the increase in toxins released into your system from the massage. Please stay hydrated and avoid alcohol. You may find some relief with light activity such as walking or stretching followed by a hot soak in an Epsom salts bath.
  • You may become sore following your massage. This is also normal and may last as little as a few hours, but should not last more than a couple of days. Stay well-hydrated, keep moving, and ask your therapist for advice regarding the application of heat and/or ice. Always let us know if soreness persists beyond a couple of days or if you are experiencing shooting pains or significant discomfort.
  • Massage is often applied in a layered fashion, releasing superficial layers first and then working down into deeper soft tissue layers as therapy progresses over the course of multiple treatments. Throughout this process, as some muscles are released, others remain tight, causing a change in the balance and stability of a group of muscles as well as your posture. You may notice familiar symptoms go away while new ones appear; this is an expected effect of your therapy as your body is changing. It is also helpful information for your therapist so feel free to call or email us with questions at any time, but please be sure to share it with us at your next session.

Your therapist may give you "homework", showing you self-massage techniques to use between sessions and discussing goals for posture awareness, joint mobility, and awareness of symptoms. By doing your homework, you are more likely to retain the progress made during your session, requiring less catch-up time and maximizing progress in your next session!

After your massage your therapist will collect payment and assist you with any further scheduling needs.

Insurance vs. Self-Pay
This topic is often confusing to all of us; hopefully the following information will help you understand which type of program applies to your treatment.

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Insurance / 3rd Party Payors

When we are directly billing another party on your behalf for clinical massage services, your treatment falls under this program. Depending on your policy or plan, you may be required to pay a co-pay at the time of service, and then we will bill your payor for the balance of our fee. We bill usual and customary fees for our clinical services; these fees may vary from our discounted self-pay fees. We also provide treatment notes, billing and other requested documentation to your insurance, attorney and other professionals.

Please let us know that you intend to bill insurance when you schedule your session. In all cases under this program, we will schedule your session, but we must verify your benefits prior to providing your session. If we have not received verification of benefits prior to your first session, you will be required to pay our self-pay fee at the time of service and we will provide you with the documentation you need to submit to receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

You may fax your information and a copy of your referral and insurance card to us at 888.308.3557. Please be sure to include your name and contact information.

Workers Comp
We accept workers comp cases and require the following information upon scheduling to verify benefits

  • Insurance phone number and policy number.
  • Your full name and date of birth.
  • A claim number and date of injury or accident
  • A written referral or prescription, including a diagnosis, from your medical professional (physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or other licensed professional)

Auto Insurance
If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Colorado your auto insurance will cover clinical massage therapy. We accept most motor vehicle accident claims and require the following information upon scheduling to verify benefits:

  • Insurance phone number and policy number.
  • Your full name and date of birth.
  • A claim number and date of accident
  • A written referral or prescription, including a diagnosis, from your medical professional (physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or other licensed professional)

Your auto injury claim will be handled in one of two ways, or potentially a combination of both:

Med-Pay: Effective January 1, 2009, by law every automobile insurance policy issued in Colorado must include a minimum amount ($5000 per passenger) of medical payments coverage. This coverage insures the driver and each passenger with funds available for medical services, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. Under this coverage, all first responder and emergency room costs will be paid first; the remaining coverage is then available for other medical services that are not covered by your health insurance, including clinical massage, up to the limit purchased.

It is important that you, as the patient, are diligent about tracking all expenses incurred on your med-pay benefit, in order to ensure there are enough funds available to pay for expenses you are incurring. Once emergency expenses are paid, all other expenses are paid in the order they are received. As soon as the policy limit is exhausted, unpaid expenses will be denied and you could end up with significant bills and out-of-pocket expenses. When we, as the provider, call to verify benefits, we are only told whether benefits are available at the time of our call; we are not told how much benefit is available. It is possible that funds will be exhausted between the time we verify benefits and the time our bill is received and processed. In this case, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket or you will have to enter into a Medical Lien agreement to cover ongoing expenses [see below].

DORA Division of Insurance: Medical Payment (Med-Pay) Coverage in Colorado

Medical Lien: Although the person at-fault in the accident is financially responsible for the accident-related expenses, including medical care, in most cases the at-fault driver's insurance company will not cover medical expenses at the time they are incurred. Generally reimbursement for those expenses is delayed until all medical care related to the accident is complete. At that time, a lump-sum settlement will be negotiated by the insurance company to cover all costs including medical expenses and legal fees. The negotiated settlement is highly variable depending on the circumstances of the accident and pre-existing medical conditions; therefore, it is possible that the negotiated settlement will not cover 100% of the medical expenses incurred.

We accept Medical Liens on a case-by-case basis, but due to the high risk involved we do require the following in addition to the verification information outlined above:

  • That you have retained the services of a personal injury attorney of your choice, and that your attorney agrees to include our services in your settlement, and
  • That you agree to work with our 3rd party lien management firm

Health Insurance
We do accept Health Insurance on a case-by-case basis. At this time, most health insurance policies still do not provide coverage for clinical massage and if they do they often do not pay an amount that covers our costs of providing the therapy and administration necessary. If your health insurance policy covers therapeutic massage, we will be happy to find out if our services are appropriately covered by your policy.

Denver Options
We are a contracted provider with Denver Options! You will need a referral from your service coordinator.

When you are paying our self-pay rates in full at the time of service you are being treated under our self-pay program. You may be submitting your paid expenses to an insurance company for direct reimbursement, or you may be using funds available in an HSA or Flex Spending Plan - in either case we are not providing any 3rd party billing or reporting services on your behalf.

For these services, we accept local checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. At this time, we do not accept American Express.

We believe that our services are a necessary component of a well-rounded healthcare plan and that they help save costs in the long run by reducing the need for medication and invasive procedures, and also by preventing injury and illness by keeping your body finely tuned. We also understand that it can be financially burdensome to pay for healthcare services out-of-pocket, so we do offer the following to help reduce your costs:

Flex Pay
Our services are usually accepted by HSA's and Flex Spending Plans at our self-pay rates. Depending on your plan, a referral from a physician, physical therapist or chiropractor may be required. It is your responsibility to understand your plan and obtain the necessary referrals. While we will provide all receipts and documentation requested by your plan, BodyWorks will not be responsible if your plan declines or challenges your transaction. Please check with your plan administrator regarding plan requirements prior to your session.

By purchasing massage packages, you not only save money you also have pre-paid services available that do not expire, so you can use them whenever and however you choose.

Birthday Discount
We offer a $15 Happy Birthday discount toward any one purchase during your birthday month.

Special Offers
Include other specials, discounts, and coupons for our massage services.

Cancellation Policy

Because we do not accept walk-ins and it is possible that your therapist is traveling from another location to provide your session, we require 24 hours notice of cancellation if you will be unable to keep your appointment.

  • Cancellation must be made by phone or email (no text messages please). Excluding emergencies, weather or illness, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may be charged 100% of the session fee.
  • No-shows will be charged 100% of the session fee.
  • Insurance patients providing less than 24 hours notice of cancellation will be charged our self-pay session fee. Please note that your insurance will not cover fees for missed sessions.

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Please download and complete forms and bring them to your first appointment:

Self-Pay Clients
Client Information.pdf - please complete all information on 2 pages; signature and date required.
Insurance Patients
Client Information.pdf - 2 pages. Please complete all information; signature and date required.
Patient Insurance & Release.pdf - 1 page. Please complete all information for Patient and Insured sections; signature and date required in both sections.

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